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Learn about Louisiana estate planning, elder law  and probate procedures by reading our articles, seek answers to some of your questions on our estate planning blog  from an estate planning or succession lawyer that can help you with your legal needs. Use this site to find a an estate planning and succession Lawyer in Louisiana and other associated legal services state-wide.  Wirh today's technology you are only a phone call or emal away.  A few brief comments are below to give you a general understanding of the types of issues and areas of practice covered on this site.  The broad practice areas upon which we focus are Louisiana Estate Planning, Elder Law, Wills & Trusts and Louisiana Successions and Probate, all of which are briefly explained below and in other areas of this site. We hope you find the site informative. We cover the entire state helping you meet you estate planning or probate needs.

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What is Estate Planning?

"Estate Planning" is a broad concept that encompasses concepts of financial and family planning for you and your family.  It is lifetime planning that includes caring for the needs of your minor children to the issues faced later in life by the elderly and everything in between. Some of the areas of law include planning for disability (yours, your children, parents), estate and income tax planning, protecting the assets you acquired through years of hard work, making gifts to family or friends and much more.  Below is a list of only some of the planning techniques that may be implemented to accomplish your goals:

1. Last Will & Testament;
2. Financial Power of Attorney;
3. Medical Power of Attorney;
4. Revocable Living Trusts;
5. Estate Tax Planning for larger estates;
6. Irrevocable Trusts;
7. Planning with Life Insurance; and
8. Retirement Planning;

In addition to some of the more typical estate planning and financial planning techniques enumerated above, there are numerous other considerations, planning techniques and individual circumstances to consider in crafting an estate and financial plan. Every person's circumstances are different and should be examined with experienced legal counsel to determine the best course of action.  

What are Louisiana Probate and Succession Proceedings?  

In layman's terms, Estate Probate is the court procedure whereby a testament (Last Will) is authenticated, filed and ordered executed.  Probate procedure involves a Last Will.  Louisiana Succession procedure is the broader proceeding involving the transmission of property of the estate to the heirs or legatees.  A Louisiana succession takes place whether there is or is not a Last Will. Many people in Louisiana use the terms as synonymous, although they are not. If a person dies without a Last Will, then the succession is an "intestate succession",whereas it is considered a "testate succession" where a Will is being submitted for probate.  Louisiana has many concepts that are either in the minority or do not exist in other states, for example, community and separate property ownership, forced heirship and the Louisiana "usufruct" concept.  When working with an estate probate and succession attorney, he or she will be able to explain these concepts and advise you as to the best course of action.

Our Goal

Above we broadly describe the areas of Louisana law covered on this website.  The major categories of estate planning, wills & trusts, Probate and Succession laws will be discussed at greater length In the pages to follow. Articles on topics of interest are included with the goal of providing the best internet resource available to the public on these issues.  If you have a legal question that you need general information on, feel free to write on our blog, but beware that not all persons responding are licensed Louisiana attorneys and that legal advice or an attorney-client relationship cannot be established without direct consultation with an attorney outside of this website and through mutual consent.  This site attempts to educate only; if you need legal representation go to the Lawyer Directory tab or the  contact us tab and leave your information. By entering this site or writing on our blog you consent to all Terms and Conditions.

Louisiana Cities and Towns

Louisiana Successions, Wills, Trusts, Powers of Attorney and other Estate Planning or Probate legal representation is performed throughout the state.  If a Probate or Succession is contested, then find a local attorney in your area.   Below are many of the major areas by city and town.  To determine if we can help you with your legal need you can also email us directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Major cities in Louisiana for which Louisiana probate and estate planning lawyers include, but are not limited to are the following:

  • Mandeville, Covington, Madisonville, Ponchatoula and Hammond Wills, Trusts, and Probate;
  • Slidell, Pearl River, LaCombe and Bogalusa Succession, Probate  and Estate Planning;
  • Pineville and Alexandria Louisiana Estate Planning and Probate Lawyers;
  • Baton Rouge, Denham Springs and Port Allen Louisiana Estate Planning and Succession Lawyers;
  • Kenner, Metairie and the Westbank Estate Probate, Elder Law and Succession Law Attorneys;
  • Lake Charles Louisiana Succession & Probate or Elder Law Attorneys;
  • Lafayette, Crowley, Opelousas and New Iberia Louisiana Estate Planning and Succession Lawyers;
  • Monroe Louisiana Estate Planning as well as Ruston, Tallulah and Winnsboro Louisiana Estate Planning and Succession Laywers;
  • Natchitoches and Many Louisiana Succession, Probate or Estate Planning Lawyers;
  • New Orleans Estate Planning, Succession and Probate Attorneys;
  • Shreveport, Bossier City, Minden and Mansfield Louisiana Estate and Probate Attorneys..

We cover Louisiana legal representation throughout the entire state, not only the Louisiana cities referenced. 

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    My parents had a mid size estate with most of it in real estate.. I have 2 sisters and a brother. We generally get along well, but I am concerned with what will happen when my mom dies. My dad passed away a couple of years ago. What are my rights in my Dad's estate?

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  • I own a house in Kenner, LA. My husband is deceased and I have 7 kids (all over 40yrs old & still living). One of them is on drugs and in prison, one is heavy drinker and irresponsible, and another one pulled a shot gun on me 15yrs ago. I have not spoke to these three in over 3yrs. My other 4 kids are all doing fine. My question is - can I disinherit the 3 kids that have given me grief in the past 15yrs, thereby they will NOT be entitled to any of my assets in Louisiana.

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